How To Balance School And Work?

Finding a balance between school and work is like the trapeze artist walking the fine line. It is a juggling act that most of the students learn to perform with a little practice and a lot of planning and determination.

Manage your stress

Managing work and school can be very stressful. Make time for yourself to relax whether it be a morning walk or jog around the campus or an evening stroll when your mind is full of information that you are desperately trying to cram.

Set a realistic goal

You have to sit down and calculate the amount of work and study that is realistic. Do not expect to enroll in 25 units and work fulltime and then remain sane. You have to work out a practical and realistic schedule and routine and then stick to it. In the end you will be happy as it will work out if you have a clear grip of a realistic goal.

Focus on one thing

Learn to keep work and school separate as worrying about one or both will both be stressful and cause trouble for you at school and work. While you are at work, refuse to think about school unless it is school work that can be done during your break. While in school do not stress over your job. This is a healthy routine or habit to follow.

Work study program

Some organizations like hospitals offer work study programs where you will be paid full time if your work half-time and sign a contract which binds you to work for them for a certain number of years after your graduate. This is a good incentive which will earn you money and the much needed time for studying and attending classes.

Be organized

Organization and meticulous planning is the key to creating a balance between work and school. Starting from your closet, student desk, bed, folders, books and backpack, being organized will not only save time but also keep you sane.

Campus jobs

Colleges employ students in a variety of campus jobs like in the bookstore, literature library, cafeteria, and even as student tutors. This will give the flexibility required by students to work around their class schedule.