Scholarship Essay

I believe people should hold beliefs that they live by. People’s actions are based on what they believe is right. It is no mystery that everyone has a different perspective because of different beliefs.

“You are the one who makes the difference in your life.” That quote inspires me. We start from zero and it’s up to us to make the best out of it. We can’t blame anyone when we fail but ourselves. With that being said, do your best so that you can’t blame yourself. Regretting mistakes will not solve your problems. Instead, it’s better to see how you can improve as a person. Giving up isn’t an option. Every problem has a solution and it depends if you want to accept it or no.

In addition, I value equality. No one wants to be treated unfairly, therefore it’s in our best interest for us to treat people fairly. It may be tempting to earn something instantly without any effort, like people who search for personal write my thesis for me source and don’t want to do anything be themselves, but it is not what we deserve. We acquire joy by getting something that we have sweated for. I have never cheated on a test because it’s unfair to other students and to myself. In the end of the day, students go to school to gain more knowledge, not to just get gratifying grades.

I’m look forward to new challenges. Life without challenge seems pretty tedious to me. That’s why I decided to attend a college outside my country so I can meet new people and have new experiences.